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Robin's Story

My testimony is one of faith, sorrow, depression, hope, healing and miracles and it's all about my journey and the road I traveled in becoming a Mommy. Read More

Cindy's Story

On June 25, 2008, our lives changed immensely and forever. This is the story of John Preston Sloan.

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Amy's Story

After 3 and half years of awesome marriage my husband, Jeremy and I prayerfully considered starting a family.

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The Vision

CrossHeart Ministries is a ministry of faith, hope, healing and miracles. Eight years ago, when our son John David went to heaven after living only 10 hours, I knew one day the Lord would use his life to change others. So here is "CHM"... Cross in honor of John David and Heart because it is my hearts' desire to help those who are hurting.


To minister to familieswho have lost those closest to their hearts...

their sweet babies that have gone on to heaven due to miscarrage, still birth or infant death.


Share faith, Give Hope, Help Healing, Find Miracles.

"Have faith in God..." Mark 11:22
"put their faith in his unfailing love." Psalm 147:11
"He heals the brokenhearted..." PS 147:3
"You are the the God who performs miracles..." PS 77:14


Robin Cross

"I put my faith in the Lord, and I put my hope in His unfailing love... after some time HE healed my broken heart and HE gave me two miracles in my life... our sons Christopher David and Jonah."